Healthy Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Happy holidays, friends! ‘Tis the season to give, give, give! Here’s a list of things from around the web that I love, have on my own Christmas list, or am giving to others this year. There is a gift for everyone and I hope something below helps you sprinkle someone special with a bit of holiday  cheer.


Sauerkraut lovers, this one is for you. Fermenting stones make at home fermenting easy peasy. Fermented food is amazing for the gut, and fun to create… even in an NYC size apartment.


I’m gifting this phone case to my Dad. He wears his cellphone on his belt everyday and is absorbing ALL the EMF (electromagnetic field). Not cool, so I want to help him out (important for everyone, not just cell phone wearers).

A beautiful bundle of therapeutic flowers and herbs for an at home herbal steam (made with all organic ingredients). Inhale, exhale — a luxurious  yoga class for the skin. FIG + YARROW doesn’t disappoint.


Ghee flights, heck yes! I fell in love with this company at PaleoFX and think their ghee is some of the best there is. My favorite is the garlic but this sampler box is a great way to sample all their dairy-free goodness.

More and more evidence is showing that we need to stay away from tap water in most US cities. Make sure your family is drinking safe water by giving them a trusted Berkey purifying system.


It’s so much more fun to go to the gym when you feel fresh (and I need all the encouragement I can get this time of year). I’ve been crushing on this yoga outfit from the beautiful shop over at GUNNARHAUS.

This is a fun one!  It’s my ALL-TIME favorite kitchen gadget and the only thing that has saved me from the terrible pain and tears that onions bring on. I can’t rave about this fun food processor enough. Thanks, Mom 🙂

Swooning over this dreamy yoga towel. This one is gorg, Sweat it out.


No plastic or paint means no toxins. BPA-free plastic water bottles just don’t make the cut… upgrade your fam with this stunner.


3 life-changing books: Mastering Your Mean Girl, The Universe Has Your Back, and Total Food Freedom Forever. They are all what I consider must-reads, don’t just get one.

Have you heard? PSA: Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting all day causes health problems as big as those caused by smoking (and you can’t undo the harm with daily exercise). Standing desks are here to help. This is the adjustable one we use in our home (after my husband went ham researching which option is best).

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too old for a Hula Hoop. I hope to always have one of these core-burning instruments in my possession. For kids and fun having parents.

My husband is reaaaaaally excited about this BBQ tool. Yours might be too. It’s basically a thermometer, tong, and fork all in one.

Non-toxic candles delivered to your door every 30 days? That’s a gift that keeps on giving. Ditch conventional candles and burn something that isn’t harmful for your body or the environment. Keap Candles are made from coconut wax and come in reusable glass jars. Made in Brooklyn.

Have a wonderful winter and holiday season with your family. Remember, the best gifts in life really are free!

Hugs, Carly

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