The Exact Non-Toxic Products I Use In My Own Home

I get asked very frequently about specific products we use in our home. Here is a list of the exact products we use daily. They are all non-toxic, SLS- free (important for anyone with sensitive skin), and safe. Many “green” brands, even those sold at Whole Foods, contain ingredients linked to endocrine disruption, skin irritation, and cancer. I’ve researched each of the brands listed below and recommend them.

Hand soap: Beautycounter, Puracy, Kosmatology

Dish Soap: Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds (just started using this)

Dish Washer Soap: Ecover Zero

Laundry Detergent: Molly’s Suds

Counter Spray: Branch Basics, Aunt Fannie’s (entire lines are safe)

All Over House Cleaner: Branch Basics, Aunt Fannie’s

Branch Basics is a concentrate strong and versatile enough to be used to sufficiently clean the entire home. Mix a bit of concentrate with water and spray or dab where you need to clean. I use these amber spray bottles to hold my cleaners but you can buy labeled bottles on their site (starter pack). The concentrate lasts forever!

Note: I do not know if Aunt Fannie’s uses non GMO corn in their vinegar (I’ve inquired) and because of this I prefer Branch Basics between the two listed.  Aunt Fannie’s is more affordable upfront, but over time Branch Basics is the more economical option because of the number of bottles that can be made from their concentrate.

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