How To Evaluate The Toxicity Of Your Beauty Products

Beauty products are a lot like food products.

They are heavily marketed, labeled, and full of chemicals we don’t want to put in and on our bodies.

Green beauty is a new trend, and because of this, many mainstream cosmetic brands aim to project a natural and gentle appearance. Some products even say natural, organic, or mention natural ingredients like charcoal, lavender, or papaya extract on the bottle. Regardless, most include nasty ingredients, many  linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, and mitochondrial disfunction. It’s very misleading and unclear!

I buy organic food to avoid putting chemicals in my body, why wouldn’t I take precautions to make sure I’m not slathering chemicals on my skin? If you’re thinking, “This is not a big deal, these products can’t really harming my body and there are much bigger things to worry about”, check out this video explanation of the screwed up cosmetic industry and the harm being done. Know that low dose eposures to specific chemicals have been shown to cause harm, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners is my favorite website for more on that  topic.

The good news is, there is a way to confidently evaluate what goes on your skin and eliminate harmful products from your routine!

I use two websites (apps) to measure the toxicity of what I put on my skin and I hope you join me and use them as well. Both apps use a scale of 1-10 to measure the toxicity of a product. 1 is the least toxic and 10 is the most toxic.

Think Dirty

Download Think Dirty

I like this app the best and find that it’s most scrutinizing of questionable ingredients (which I appreciate). The Think Dirty organization has partnered with the Breast Cancer Fund and was created by a woman who has a family history of cancer. They will provide you with links to safe alternative to your toxic products.


EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database

Visit EWG’s Skin Deep

I find EWG to be a little more lenient than Think Dirty and turn to EWG when Think Dirty doesn’t list a product I want to investigate (the EWG database is definitely larger). I also appreciate that EWG has a section for household cleaning products. I’ve stood in the aisle (at Whole Foods, yes they carry toxic products) picking out counter spray while investigating ingredients on this app.

You can find non-toxic alternatives via their database (just click on a product category). 

Check out My Non-Toxic Skin care Product Starter Guide!

All my tested and favorite non-toxic skin care products that I use daily.



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