Services designed to meet you where you are, how you are, and with the long term game in mind.

Your Basics

The Foundation of Your Fridge and Pantry

Let’s evaluate what’s inside your fridge and pantry see what you’re working with. We will aim to make sure the foundation of your family’s meals are nourishing, not inflammatory.

I’ll explain the real food philosophy and teach you about ingredients to avoid and include in your kitchen

Remove products and ingredients hindering your health and replace/restock with nutrient dense, tasty alternatives

Can include grocery store restocking together or I’ll leave you with my curated list of what you’ll need for a restock and where to buy it.

Optimize Your Health

Feel great and find confidence in your health

Not feeling like yourself? Confused about all the noise around “healthy”? Want to lose weight? Let’s cut the confusion, set a few goals, and work together to set you up to feel energized and confident about your health.

I’ll cater to your individual needs and history, and focus on lifestyle changes that upgrade (not restrict) your life so you can ditch the food drama and feel in balance.

People who choose this program typically want to improve their relationship with real food, slay their sugar dragon, shed a few pounds, clarify what healthy is, maintain better energy, get rid of acne, and change their life.

Autoimmune Lifestyle Support

Learn how to improve your autoimmunity holistically

If you’ve struggled with an autoimmune condition, I understand how isolated and frustrated you may feel. I’ve been there myself and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve endured.

I can help you incorporate dietary, lifestyle, and mindset changes specific to your conditions and symptoms.

This is generally for those looking to transition into holistically minded autoimmune management utilizing healing foods, supplements, and lifestyle.

I work with a network of functional medicine physicians and holistic practitioners should you need trusted referrals to clinical support.

Follow up sessions, corporate wellness and speaking, cooking demos and classes, brand collaboration, menu consultation, and custom plans of any kind available.

Bio-individuality is at the center of my philosophy. We all have different biology, challenges, and health goals. Let’s build upon your life, see where you can grow, and figure out reasonable ways for you to feel your absolute best.